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Convert POs Save this article in PDF

Lazarus project, whose fusion an original po file and the traduced po file. You can save your po language file after.


Creating an ini to update with an install file Save this article in PDF

This is a project to be independant of any web browser or repository, used to download update from an executable.


Extended Components Save this article in PDF

Extended Components are LAZARUS and DELPHI components.

The Extended Components are part of a Very Rapid Applications Development framework.

There are most visual components in the package. The color change when we focus on them. They are :
- A data list linked to data with its N-1, N-N, N-N-N relations-ships extension
- Saving edits into INI file ( Video )
- A label which can be set to the edits, to be colored on focus on edit
- Some number’s edits
- Some color’s edits
- Some data dates
- Some data text, with formatting of text
- Some data Memo
- Some DB Images, DB Imagelists, Pictures’ combos
- A data navigator, with searching and record moving
- A data search edit for a duplicating field
- A data grid with better editing on columns
- A data combo which can insert a non-existing field
- Fortes Report automation and images components upgrade
- Cloned controls’ panel
- Updating your files

There are buttons components too. They optimize and unify the images of the buttons.

Download- History

Ancestromania, made with Extended

Old OnFormInfoIni Traducing project


FD TreeView Component Save this article in PDF

FD Treeview is lesser interesting than Genalogy Components here.

FD TreeView is a tree which can show a family tree with boxes.


Man Frames Framework Save this article in PDF

Man Frames Framework manages your management software. With Man Frames you can change easily of data access components. It can also create your database.

In ManFrames you have :
- A Form which is built from data or properties and manage you customized form.
- Some data management form’ management components.
- Two 3-tier projects
- Firebird and MY SQL extensions

In ManSoft you have :
- A entirely data built management software with menus, admin, language management.
- An administrator form with a relationships example.


OFL License

Musescore Fingering for Clarinet Save this article in PDF

Musescore Plugin for Clarinet.
Notes are from q to l and Q to K with qwerty keyboard.
Search ClarinetTab font at the bottom or in plugins.

GIF - 24.4 kb
Doigté de Clarinette
GIF - 27.1 kb
Doigté de Clarinette

For Debian

For Redhat

For Unix

For Windows

Musescore Plugin for Clarineau from Kunath.... Save this article in PDF

Musescore Plugin for Clarineau from Kunath.
Notes are from a to h and Q to J with qwerty keyboard.
Search ClarineauTab font at the bottom.

PNG - 34.2 kb
Doigté de Clarineau de Kunath - Fingering of Clarineau from Kunath

For Debian

For Redhat

For Unix

For Windows

Virtual DB Tree Ex Components Save this article in PDF

Virtual DB Tree Ex is a Visual Tree with Check Boxes and Rules entirely build with Data. You can edit it with TDBGroupview from Extended :


Please use VirtualTreeview from versioning manager of Lazarus CCR :

Web Player Creator Save this article in PDF

Static HTML5 and Flash auto creating structure with support of OGG, MP3, WMA. You can add text in each directory. You can also delete structure or converted files if you want. If your musics are free you can add a download link.



XML Frames engine Save this article in PDF

XML Frames is a Very Rapid Applications Development Framework on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

With this Engine you read W4 BPMN 2 XML Files to create a management software.

With passive W4 STORE BPMN XML files, you can create databases like Firebird, My SQL, maybe Postgres or Oracle. The softwares that are made with are faster and cheaper. In fact, Pascal Byte-Code is faster than Java Byte-Code. It can also create binaries.

The analysis is always same as software because analysis is software. You gain in time and quality.

The engine lightens the memory of user’s computer, and does not need a web server. You can create database. Tere are 3-tier projects.

XML Frames Sources