Extended Components
Article published on 6 October 2016
last modification on 20 May 2022

by Matthieu GIROUX

Extended Components are LAZARUS and DELPHI components.

The Extended Components are part of a Very Rapid Applications Development framework.

There are most visual components in the package. The color change when we focus on them. They are :
 A data list linked to data with its N-1, N-N, N-N-N relations-ships extension
 Saving edits into INI file ( Video )
 A label which can be set to the edits, to be colored on focus on edit
 Some number’s edits
 Some color’s edits
 Some data dates
 Some data text, with formatting of text
 Some data Memo
 Some DB Images, DB Imagelists, Pictures’ combos
 A data navigator, with searching and record moving
 A data search edit for a duplicating field
 A data grid with better editing on columns
 A data combo which can insert a non-existing field
 Fortes Report automation and images components upgrade
 Cloned controls’ panel
 Updating your files

There are buttons components too. They optimize and unify the images of the buttons.

Download- History (Sources)

Ancestromania, made with Extended

Old OnFormInfoIni Traducing project